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I don't care what technical background you have. How many bikes you own or how many bikes you have repaired. One thing we can all agree on.


If you don't know...You don't know.


Every repair or service when it comes to motorcycles, although the same in nature. Have their own differences and characteristics.


Sure you have been inside of a motor. Maybe you've torn down a carb or two. Clutch job? No problem, seen one seen them all right? Perhaps..

But what if there is a noise coming from that clutch basket you have never heard. What if that charging system seems to only works on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but kills your battery any other day. What if your bike has been operating perfectly for months then suddenly decides to puke gas out of the airbox and won't stay running.

What about modifications? What does it take to get a little more response from your bike. What if you wanted to give your bike a little grunt with a newer exhaust system? Anyone with a basic set of tools and common mechanical aptitude can bolt on some parts. Like I said before, there always seems to be something that pops up that maybe you weren't expecting to face. The YouTube video you studied the night before made it look easy but what your dealing with now wasn't mentioned or covered.




" I would consider myself to have a mid-low understanding of motorcycle repair, and certainly not to a level to go and tear a set of carburetors apart. The #1 thing I took away from the videos is confidence and knowing I have someone that has my back in case I get stuck. I think the MotorcycleMD idea and model is unique and I'm glad to be a part of it! "

Chris A.
Inner Circle Member

You dig.. YouTube, Google, Reddit, your favorite trusty repair forum. You spend hours digging to gain clarity, to get an answer or even a hint or wiff in the next step to take.

  • One guy has a similar issue like yours but doesn't know how to fix it or how he even fixed it because he "shotgunned" parts at it for a month.

  • Another dude seems to know alot about the subject but only leaves you with 10 other possible issues which takes you to what I like to call the rabbit hole effect.


Rinse and repeat.. Little to no progress with a sense of being "in over my head" slowly beginning creeping in. Confidence in making the right repair, buying the right part or tool drops more and more with every tip or advice you read and receive.

I don't know about you but my time is precious to me. If I spend even ten minutes off track or chasing the internet for an answer. I feel like I am treading water and need to move on to something else. 

Being a factory Honda technician for all of these years I can tell you that I've experienced and have seen first hand everything I just mentioned. The difference between you and I is that I am REQUIRED to solve the issue. Fix the problem, you spend your hard earned money on repair shops hoping your not getting screwed but ultimately just wanting the issue resolved. 

When I started MotorcycleMD my goal was to find a way to help. I wanted to teach and guide motorcycle owners away from this massive issue that we all have faced with sourcing helpful content about your bike's needs and repairs. After almost 6 years being online and providing valuable videos and content, answering emails, providing answers that can be trusted to use in the garage

I discovered that isn't enough...

What I learned was that most people who own bikes, whether it's your first or tenth. When it comes to DIY repair junkies who just love tinkering and learning how to take care of their own stuff. Whether that is to save a few bucks, learn a new trade, make a few bucks on the side or just love to feel that satisfaction of fixing or solving issues and making a repair properly. Most just wish they had someone's ear to pull on or a community to turn too if things take a turn. Not all repairs are equal but having trusted help can literally be the difference between $10 dollars lost to $600 dollars lost. Riding or not riding. Giving up or completing what you set out into fix. 

This is why I created the MotorcycleMD Inner Circle.  

I wanted to create a community of like minded riders who may or may not need a little help but love to be In the repair mix. I love this aspect of the channel because it constantly challenges me and everyone as we get to hear and see different issues come about on bikes. We get all enjoy the success and failures of certain repairs and learn tips and tricks to apply immediately or later when its our turn to do some maintenance on our bike.    
If you relate to anything in this email and you have a few more minutes. I want to show you some of the key benefits inside of the inner circle 

The MotorcycleMD Inner circle is comprised of a treasure chest of videos that are not on YouTube due to the depth we go on services like: 

  • Valve adjustments, both tappet style and more complicated systems like shim under bucket style valve trains. To shed light onto an important maintenance service that may be very overwhelming to someone who has never done this needed service

  • Full engine and transmission teardown on a twin cylinder motor to show how the inner workings of a motor functions and what to look out for on wearable parts

  • Deep dives into charging systems and electrical diagnosing to take a topic that everyone hates and make it make sense and build confidence in your next diagnosis

  • Fluid changes and other more involved maintenance jobs to save you money with what to focus on and what you can skip for now.

  • Hours and hours of carburetor tear downs to show you the ins and out of every system no matter what model you have. 


The inner circle has other key benefits that go along with it like:

  •  Gain instant access into the private facebook group to join in the discussion of motorcycle repair. Post your questions and concerns and get REAL help when it comes to your adventures of getting your bike back on the road. 

  •  Gain access into the Monthly LIVE Q&A's held on YouTube to get your questions answered and we can put your bike in the hot seat


Ultimately I don't want you missing out on a resource that has helped so many motorcycle owners before you and continues to be a source of value for years to come. I see all to often both in the shop and in my inbox of the pains people face with trying to figure out what is wrong with their bikes. Stop wasting time, stop wasting money or parts your never needed.

If you're serious about caring for your bike and enjoy all aspects of motorcycle ownership and the community it brings together around the world... Join the MotorcycleMD Inner Circle.

Here Is What The Membership Gives You

- Access to all premium carburetor courses and Instructional videos

- Video tutorials on topics like basic and advanced motorcycle maintenance, electrical, suspension, engine repairs, carb tuning, carb cleaning, brakes, and much much more

-Topical Video courses to help solve issues like non-starting bikes, rough running biks, electrical issues, adding lights, bolt on improvements, poor running, no start, no spark, etc.

- Fundamental wrenching techniques on motorcycles

- Full access to the private community with other members on the FACEBOOK group to discuss projects and questions. (Weekly involvement)

- Pro Honda tips and tricks from the industry

- Insight on tools and parts for your bike to save you money.

- VIP ACCESS to all monthly LIVE Q&A's



Access to private Facebook group

VIP access to monthly Member Only Live Q&A's



PER MONTH (after trial period ends)

Access to 120+ premium motorcycle repair and maintenance video tutorials

FREE 30 day access that you can cancel at anytime

Access to ALL carburetor rebuild courses (6 different style assemblies)

Access to private Facebook group

VIP access to monthly Member Only LIVE Q&A's





Access to 120+ premium motorcycle repair and maintenance video tutorials

Access to ALL carburetor rebuild courses (6 different style assemblies)

Access to private Facebook group

VIP access to monthly Member Only LIVE Q&A's


Don't forget.. It's completely risk free

If you have come this far to seek out ways to learn more about fixing your bike.. I know I can already be confident in your abilities to wrench. 

So i'll take all the risk.

Go through any of the courses, enjoy and learn from all the content, follow the steps, put in the work. And if you don’t love it in the first 30 days of your purchase, send me an email and I will refund you immediately.

No questions asked, no hard feelings.

If you aren't happy, I don't deserve your money. It's that simple.

"Cody, I just wanted to say what a great job you've done on your videos. They look and sound great. Your meticulous and thorough attention to detail and knowledge blow away any DIY videos I've ever found on the internet. Your enthusiasm and sense of humor are appreciated and keep things interesting.Keep up the good work!🙂"

Bill B.
Inner Circle Member

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